Graduate courses

  • 510390 – Introduction to VLSI design
    Introduction to integrated circuits. Simplified functioning of the MOS transistor. CMOS inverter: static and dynamic characteristics. Manufacturing process. Layout and design rules. CMOS logic gates. Intrinsic capacitances. Non-idealities of the transistor.  Interconnections: resistance, capacitance and electrical models. Modeling and optimizing of delays. Power consumption. Other logic families. Design flow based on standard cells. Sequential circuits. Arithmetic circuits.
  • 510412 – Design of Analog Integrated Circuits
    Review of the MOS transistor model. Current mirrors. Electric simulation. Current and voltage references. Layout and design rules. Basic amplifier stages. Frequency response. Operational amplifiers. Continuous-time filters. Oscillators. Rectifier circuits and voltage multipliers. AC-DC and DC-DC converters.


Undergraduate Courses

  • EEL5105 – Digital circuits and techniques
  • EEL7319 – RF circuits
  • INE5442 – Integrated circuits and systems
  • EEL7803 – Special topics in electronic circuits I: Analog integrated circuits
  • EEL7550 – Applied Electronics